RRW™ Founder Speaks at Hollywood NOW’s Love Your Body Day!

(From left to right) Brianne (Brie) Widaman [President & Founder of REVOLUTION OF REAL WOMEN, LLC], Joy Nash [Actress], Tomiko Fraser Hines [President/Founder of Tomiko Fraser's Goddess Gathering], Chenese Lewis [President, Hollywood NOW, former Miss Plus America], Bronwyn Davis Marmo [Award-winning author and speaker], Poprah [Actress, recording artist, reality TV star]

REVOLUTION OF REAL WOMEN™ proudly served as an official media sponsor of Hollywood NOW’s 2010 Love Your Body Day! Lead by Chenese Lewis, President of the National Organization for Women’s Hollywood Chapter, we spent a weekend celebrating authentic beauty and self-acceptance. From the launch party and fashion show to the thought-provoking panel discussion, the weekend will not soon be forgotten.

Above all, we were elated to have been surrounded by crowds of confident, vivacious women. The feeling was indescribable, particularly given the fact that we were right smack in the heart of Hollywood [*ahem*]… Not exactly the capital of authenticity and self-acceptance.

Joined by some amazing women, RRW™ President and Founder, Brianne Widaman sat in on the body image panel discussing her experiences in advocacy, social media, body image, media literacy and the Entertainment Industry. What a way to close out a powerful weekend!

As soon as video footage is available, we will be sure to post it here on RRW.com. Until then, we hope you enjoy these pictures from the big extravaganza!


Brianne Widaman, President and Founder of REVOLUTION OF REAL WOMEN™


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