What About the Men?

One of the more important aspects of REVOLUTION OF REAL WOMEN™ is maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for men as well as women. While our focus is on female related issues, there are a number of reasons that the inclusion of men in our work and conversations will benefit the movement overall. We need everyone’s participation to move forward. In decades past, a deep gender divide existed where there must now be collaborative advocacy and work.

In both our research and numerous conversations with men, we have learned that nearly every single male we’ve spoken to has shown interest in the subject of diversifying the images of women in media to include more realistic and healthy ones. Whether they are expressing concern for their sister, daughter, mother, friend, girlfriend or wife, it is clear that the negative effects of unrealistic beauty and societal standards on women affects the men in our lives as well.

Although the exploitation of women has faced a must longer history, we mustn’t forget that men also receive conflicting messages from media. We are not alone is this struggle. What has been perceived as almost an exclusively female related illness, eating disorders, is now surfacing in records numbers amongst the male population. The manipulative projection of false perfection by corporations, the entertainment industries, media and advertising affects us all.

Whether they are here to help us make change so that their daughters and friends may live in a world where they aren’t constantly being told they’re never going to be good enough or they suffer from some of these same issues, our forum remains open to both men and women. We are in this together.

That being said, guys…

Please join. Please participate! We need your voices, too!