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When we first started talking to people about REVOLUTION OF REAL WOMEN™, most of the issues that came up were centered around body image, self-esteem and eating disorders. As we gathered the perspectives of more and more people from various stages in life, different parts of the world and an infinite array of ages and appearances, the topics of conversation began to broaden almost immediately. Before we knew it, we were staring at a seemingly endless list of issues and factors that all contribute to each of us as individuals and how we feel about who and what we are.

Who are you? What factors have contributed to your development into the person you are today? What are your innermost beliefs? What do you have in common with your peers? Your teachers? Your family? Friends? What commonalities do you share with your next-door neighbor – how about your global neighbors in other parts of the world?

Encouraging women and girls to believe in and embrace their authentic selves is no easy task. We grow up and live in a dizzying world of manipulative advertising, media, gender stereotypes and societal standards. At what point do girls begin to lose their untainted view of personal invincibility? When do we become jaded and begin to transition from carefree and confident to comparing and self-conscious? Another reason preserving authenticity is challenging is because it often means something different from one culture to the next. Standards of beauty and societal expectations change depending on where, when and how people live. At the core, RRW™ is about empowerment of the individual. As broad a cause as it may seem, our scope maintains a flexible focus on how self-esteem and confidence are defined across all borders.

As we continue to confront idealistic standards and push for more realistic representation of the diversity that makes up our human race, the topics on will inevitably broaden. As the site grows, we will be adding more and more content, particularly to this section. We invite you to learn more about the various issues and struggles our sisters face. In opening our minds and our hearts, not only do we become more aware as individuals, but we find that suddenly, we are not so alone.