REAL Community

REVOLUTION OF REAL™ is a free community offering the latest news on the body image movement, media literacy and information on issues that affect girls’ and women’s self-esteem. Members can set up a profile, comment on RRW™ articles and members’ posts, upload pictures to our gallery.


RRW™ is a place where becoming a more informed individual and ‘activist’ is made quicker, easier and (dare I say?) more fun. Whether you choose to regularly participate or simply browse around for the latest news, you are welcome here.


If you so choose, be a part of RRW Undercover™ and submit your findings: articles, links, pictures, videos – even cell phone shots of billboards, window displays, ads and more. As time progresses, we will be adding more and more elements to the site, including one very special feature yet to be unveiled.


So, whoever you are, no matter your size, weight, gender, race, age, class or sexuality, you can be an RRW ALLY™. Will you join us? Help make history as we applaud our ALLIES™ and ‘out’ our ADversaries™.


Individually, we can try to find ways to empower females and change the way they are portrayed and used in media. Together, we can join forces and form one unstoppable alliance.


Be the MEDIA you wish to see in the world.™