Tall and Skinny VS. Short and Stout?

*NOTE: RRW™ supports ALL women, regardless of size. Skinny girls are real women, too. We just don’t like it when big corporations tell us being thin is the only way to attain confidence and beauty.*

New York Fashion Week is in full swing thanks in large part to one of their biggest sponsors, PepsiCo, Inc. In addition to getting the usual exposure, Pepsi has used its sponsorship as an opportunity to promote its soon-to-be launched, newly designed Diet Pepsi product – ‘The Skinny Can.’

It’s easy to envision why Pepsi would choose such an event to introduce its cute little can. Where else would there be such an obvious visual correlation between idealized size and beauty (i.e. models on the runway) and a taller, skinnier can of DIET, zero calorie soda? OMG! Perrrfeeect… *sigh*

The AP reports: The can is a "taller, sassier" version of the traditional can that the company says was made in "celebration of beautiful, confident women."

[cue screeching car tires!]

WOAH. Hold it right there. OK. Let’s work out the simple equation for that.

Skinny Can of Diet Pepsi + Woman = Confidence and Beauty

Wow! Is it really just that easy? Sold!

So, correct me if I’m wrong, Pepsi, but essentially you’re saying that taller and thinner women are the only ones who should feel confident in their beauty? Really? Wow.

Let’s try that out in another equation, shall we?

Confident, Beautiful Women = Tall + Thin

Yeeeah. REAL empowering. REAL inclusive.

From all available press and photos, it would seem that everywhere attendees turn, they’re greeted with a reminder from Pepsi that thinner is better.

Picture this – Skinny Can signage strewn about various fashion week venues and shows. Celebrities, designers and models being photographed incessantly holding the thin can acting as if it’s the absolute BEST thing they’ve ever tasted (and hey, who am I to judge – maybe it is?). A hip lounge/bar dubbed ‘The Skinny Bar’ where you can order a ‘Skinny Cocktail’ and hang with the cool crowd. Pepsi logo-covered information displays with ‘Get the Skinny!’ splashed across their signs. VIP gift bags filled with all kinds of goodies including, you guessed it, Skinny Cans!. TV displays made to look like backstage, dressing room mirrors playing looped footage of extraordinarily thin models walking down runways. Get the connection? Drink Diet Pepsi. Look into the mirror. Look.like.this.

Let’s be clear, this was all on purpose. When it comes to marketing, don’t think these kinds of details are left out, because they aren’t. Pepsi specifically chose this as their venue for a reason. Everything is looks-based, including their sizist can.

What baffles me is their denial of the ‘thin’ connection. Especially considering the ONLY Pepsi product being produced in ‘The New Skinny Can!’ is a diet soft drink with its advertised ‘ZERO Cals, Carbs & Sug!’ slapped right on the front of the can. In an email, the company wrote:

‘We are sensitive to this interpretation, and that is definitely not our intent.’

Pepsi, we’re calling your bluff. And we’re going to get many, many others to do the same.

Let’s make a deal!

Jill Beraud, Pepsi’s Chief Marketing Officer, has stated that their ‘slim, attractive new can is the perfect complement to today’s most stylish looks.’

Well, then! If a cute little ACCESSORY is all you’re going for, I think we may have just found our compromise, Pepsi. All of this fuss could go away and you could make lots of money on a product that doesn’t piss off your customers if you go with one of two options.

Option ONE:

You drop this campaign and the new can all together. Immediately.


Option TWO:

You drop the bull about the ‘Skinny Can’ celebrating ‘confident, beautiful women’ and immediately plan to sell regular Pepsi (full of calories, sugar and carbs, oh my!) in your ‘Skinny Can’ as well. That way, we lose the Skinny = Beautiful baggage AND it becomes more about a stylish, trendy little can that has nothing to do with a woman’s size.

Bonus Round!

And a few more ways you could better your campaign:

First – Your plan to have Sofia Vergara as a spokesperson will go MUCH smoother if you show her drinking REAL Pepsi. She’s a woman who openly celebrates her body and having her selling a diet soda pushing the thin ideal isn’t exactly consistent messaging.

Second – We hear you’re planning on providing designer clothing boutiques in cities across the country with mini fridge displays stocked with Diet Pepsi Skinny Cans (yet again, proof that this IS about size). Why don’t you go out on a limb, take a chance, and make THIS empowering move: Stock those fridges with Diet Pepsi and regular Pepsi. The Fashion Industry is not one that generally embraces women of all sizes. Even if you keep the Skinny Can and drop its association with tallness, thinness & beauty, having both products there will send a message. That REAL WOMEN of ANY size can drink your products and be beautiful, stylish and confident.

I may have studied MUSIC Business and Management in college, but I’ll have you know, Pepsi, that in one of my marketing classes, I did a project where you were the chosen company under which I drew up a marketing plan to launch a new drink because you’re a dynamic, innovative, daring brand. Don’t tarnish your name like this. Do the right thing.


Let the folks behind the Diet Pepsi Skinny Can know what YOU think!

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For decades, female athletes have had a number of tough battles on their hands -- to be taken seriously and regarded as equals in the world of competitive sports and athletics. Still today, women are not allowed to participate in this Olympic sport due to the wrongful judgment of the International Olympics Committee. We say, GET WITH THE TIMES already!

Now, a team of young women are out there fighting to gain gender equality in ski jumping -- the only Olympic sport that has yet to recognize women.

Below is the film trailer for 'Ready to Fly' and the story behind it...

GO TEAM! RRW™ supports you!!!



We begin in 1996. An intrepid 10-year-old stands above a steeply sloping strip of snow, and two tracks that end suddenly. Stomach churning, heart racing, she points her skis down, pushes off the bar, drops into a low crouch, and explodes off the final lip. As she soars into the air, Lindsey Van begins a journey that will change the world.

Through triumphs and tragedies, shattered records and fractured vertebrae, hollow promises and a broken heart, this reluctant hero will persevere. And just when all is lost — when the world has turned on her, bigoted old men have shattered her dreams, and all the fight has ebbed from her battered body — she will find new hope in a startling, green-eyed protégé.

Buoyed by the fierce determination of 15-year-old Sarah Hendrickson, Van will redouble her efforts. Not for herself this time, but for young Sarah, and all the women who will come after them. Together, these two will lead a multi-generational effort to give young women the ability to pursue their dreams.

A portion of the proceeds from the film will go to support Women’s Ski Jumping USA.

Official 'Ready to Fly' website: http://www.getreadytoflyfilm.com/

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Crystal Renn's behind-the-scene photo reveals a much different story than the one pushed out through the media recently...

Besides the obvious size retrouching, the photographer, Nicholas Routzen, angered us by saying:

'I'm paid to make women look beautiful.'

So, Nicholas, does that mean you equate size with beauty? #FAIL

Crystal Renn retouched in recent skinny pictures, she says...


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Vaseline is the latest of major beauty companies to anger and offend consumers. In an effort to market its newest skin whitening/bleaching cream, Vaseline has launched a new Facebook application that allows users to lighten their skin color in their profile pictures. These products are often very dangerous and unregulated, yet their popularity continues to rise as both western influences infiltrate their society and mass media in their own countries continue to independently accept and advertise these same ideals.

Vaseline Debuts Skin-Whitening Facebook App in India:



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(See bottom right hand corner)

Seventeen Magazine (rightfully) gets heat for its June/July '10 cover and headline:


I'm just wondering why this was even a story in Seventeen Magazine?! First of all, it's targeting a young crowd re: party drugs and discussing them as if they aren't a big deal (girls start reading Seventeen waaaay younger than 17), and second, 'fat and ugly'??!! It's embarrassingly insulting for them to have published that and only adds to the pressures these poor girls face from every direction and every media source.

Sorry, Seventeen... This was a #FAIL...


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