THREE... TWO... ONE....

HAPPY NEW YEAR!            

With every ending follows a new beginning...

I know. Yada yada yada… We’ve heard it all before. Well, like any other cliché phrase, there’s a reason people say it – it’s true.

Just as we use the end of each week as an excuse to remind all of you of the importance of learning and growing from your experiences, so goes the end of another year. The process of mentally absorbing the happenings of a day, week, month or year means accepting the circumstances and learning from them. That’s why we all make mistakes. What’s important is that we learn from our successes and failures, tuck away our newly updated knowledge for future reference and move on.

Moving on, in a number of respects, is easier said than done. If there is anything that I've learned over the years, it's that I don't gain anything from shaming myself for the things I was unable to accomplish. If you are going to scold yourself, do it for a couple of minutes and then move on. These are our leaning moments. Carrying around and internalizing continual shame will only will keep you living in the past and inhibit you from attempting new challenges.

With New Year’s celebrations come New Year’s resolutions, and with resolutions often comes self-shaming (especially in the area of body-image and appearances). If only I weren’t so ___, I’d be happier…’ Stop the negative self-talk.

Let’s talk resolutions. Don’t start out 2011 thinking that you can or should go from one extreme to another. You shouldn’t expect yourself to go from never exercising to going to the gym every. The New Year often brings out an all-or-nothing mentality. This absolutist way of thinking is neither healthy nor sustainable. Lasting change is gradual, and like everything else in life, moderation is key. Whether your resolution involves making healthier lifestyle choices, spending more time with your kids or clearing out the clutter, give yourself room to learn and make mistakes… Just make sure you’re learning and implementing lessons along the way.

So, when a day does not go as you had envisioned it, as it inevitably will from time to time, take a moment to figure out why. Accept the circumstances, learn your lesson and move on.

Rest assured knowing that a new beginning is always around the corner. Whether your reset button comes in the form of a new morning, a Monday, the first of a month, or the start of a new year, embrace it as your chance at renewal. Regardless of whether or not 2010 was an overall 'good' year for you, we can all benefit from stopping to take in the lessons we've learned and ready ourselves for a rebirth of sorts.

Happy New Year, ALLIES™! <3

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*NOTE: If you are not familiar with the term 'pro-ana,' please consider reading this past RRW article in supplement to this post: The Pro-Ana Underground

We would say they're doing this again strictly for publicity (which is at least partially true), but Urban Outfitters has a history of adorning strictly thin models (natural and not) in various oversized t-shirts… T-shirts, which are tongue-in-cheek, politically incorrect and socially irresponsible.

Earlier this year, the blogosphere was up in arms about UO's selling of a t-shirt containing the pro-ana language 'Eat Less.’ Now, another revolt is brewing with another t-shirt reading, ‘Size Matters.’

Every time these situations come up, there are always those token people who come out with statements like, ‘I think this is a positive thing. Our country should eat less!’ and ‘If you don’t like it, don’t shop there. I think it’s funny!’ or my personal favorite, ‘What’s the big deal?!’

What’s the big deal? Right now, there are millions of people out there who take these kinds of things to heart. There is OU’s target market of tweens to young adults who will (knowingly or not) see this as an affirmation of the societal notion that only thinness equates to beauty. Or that we should all be judged by our size because that is what determines our self-worth.

But wait! Aren’t we just giving them publicity? Well, sure. But that’s part of the tradeoff. We get a negative ad or product to get pulled BECAUSE we cause a big stink. See, as strong leaders in this field and in the public, we’ve got to be consistent in our words and actions. We must be strong in our conviction. Sure, we have to pick our battles, because not every situation will be given as much attention and energy as others, but if we back down to the ‘big guys’ (i.e. big media and corporations), then THEY win. It means we would have to silence our voices, and by doing so, we send a message that even if a company or individual crosses the line of decency, we will eventually back down.

If you’re still not convinced that items like these t-shirts are poisonous to our society, then check out these past blogs. Do you know what ‘pro-ana’ is? Learn the severity of the issues at hand and then try telling us that we should just look the other way.

For more indormation and background:

Revealing the Pro-Ana Underground

Kate Moss and Her Unintentional Confession

RRW ADversary™,
Urban Outfitters - Yet ANOTHER Pro-Anorexia T-Shirt

** EMAIL URBAN OUTFITTERS AND TELL THEM WHAT YOU THINK -> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it **

Many thanks to RRW ALLY™, Voice in Recovery for bringing this to our attention.

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We asked this of our Twitter followers earlier [] and got some interesting responses, so now we'll pose the question to all of you...

What and when was your first memory of caring what others thought of you? Your appearances? Clothes? Body? Abilities? What do you think contributed to that shift?

Have you stopped caring?

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Last night in Los Angeles, we were lucky enough to have had the opportunity to meet Margaret backstage and chat with some of the powerful women behind the business end of her work. With news of Margaret's recent GRAMMY nomination for 'Cho Dependent' (we can attest to the fact that she has a great singing voice!), her fantastic team of go-getters couldn't be more thrilled (and deserving).

The San Luis Obispo Tribune quoted Margaret Cho as having said that she felt more comfortable in her skin now at 41 than she ever did at the age of 20:

“It’s really about feeling good in your body... A lot of women, if they aren’t a certain size, feel invisible. I feel a definite sense of peace and satisfaction and joy with my body, which is intensely gratifying,” Cho said. “I’m really happy, and I’m lucky that I can feel so good in my skin at a time when most people don’t.”

RRW™ commends Margaret for speaking openly about her past struggles with body image and eating disorders and for speaking out on issues of race, gender and sexuality.

One of the things that makes Margaret so likable and magnetic is her approach, socially and professionally, which can be summed up in five little words -- she is who she is. It is infinitely refreshing to come across someone who wholeheartedly speaks the truths of her mind and heart. A woman who voices her opinions no matter who may disagree with her all in the name of what she believes is right and just.

Big thanks go out to Margaret's manager, Keri Smith Esguia, for making this opportunity possible.

You can't tell, but that's Margaret on stage. Unfortunately, cell phones don't capture the best of pictures. ;)

Be sure to read this great article in its entirety from the San Luis Obispo Tribune here!


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According to PETA, being thin, fit and sexy is the only way to love your body. And the only way to be thin, fit and sexy is to go vegan. Essentially, what they're saying is: Everyone else should be ashamed of their bodies.

Here's the latest of PETA's exploitative ads using a play on the recent uproar over body scans and airport security:

By taking the words and images from this as well as past PETA ads, it isn't hard to see that the organization believes fat shaming and using women's bodies are effective and acceptable ways to promote animal rights. Why? Because they keep doing it.

Sure, these ads attract a lot of attention, but that's only holding up half of the bargain! What about the other part of their campaign? You know, to encourage people to turn vegan/vegetarian? Are these ads REALLY successfully doing that? There are other ways to raise awareness, but it seems as though their rationale is: 'Hey! Maybe if we shame, insult or scare people enough they'll finally listen to us and stop eating meat or dairy products!' And what about PETA's infamous habit of finding ways to expose graphic images and videos of animal cruelty to the general public? Their method, plain and simple, is shock and awe. Instead of finding more effective, thought-provoking ways to spread awareness, they have chosen the road of extremism.

Here's the kicker... RRW™ is a huge supporter of animal rights (our Founder is vegetarian), but we refuse to support an organization that believes the only way to do that is through the exploitation of women.

Shame on you, PETA.

For those in need of a little background, let us not forget these gems...

And finally, how about PETA's infamous 'Veggie Sex' SuperBowl commercial?

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