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We've been meaning to post this video on as an example of the positive messages out there that are combating the negative ones we're constantly bombarded with. The BEST part, in our opinion, is the basic concept they've got going... 'What YOU'VE been through, WE'VE been through.' It's that simple. A message letting others know that they're NEVER alone.

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PETA can't seem to help themselves. I mean, with so many women in the world there's just too little time to abuse and exploit all of our bodies and self-esteem... all in the name of animal rights! Riiiiiight....

We're really getting sick of having to report on this sort of garbage, but because it's important that people are informed of the disrespectful tactics companies and media are using to promote products and campaigns, we feel a responsibility to inform you. And let's be honest -- the production quality on PETA's latest stunt is SO bad it's embarrassing. Really going for the at-home, do-it-yourself porn look are we, PETA?

They've angered us before, but this time, PETA has taken things to an entirely new level. It's one thing to see the final product, an offensive, yet polished ad, poster or commercial, but what we have here is a sketchy behind-the-scenes sneak peek (no pun intended) of what went into one of their oh-so-brilliant campaigns.

Girl smashing tomatoes all over herself. Pssst.... Hey PETA! Just so you know, tomatoes are FRUIT.

Remember this a while back? PETA's banned 'Veggie Sex' Super Bowl ad showcasing women lusting after and rubbing vegetables all of their bodies, all in an effort to encourage the public to 'Go VEG' because 'vegetarians have better sex.' Albeit degrading and flat out ridiculous, the production quality was much better than one might have expected. That being said, instead of doing another one this year, they decided to go an even trashier route and post edited clips of women auditioning for the 'Veggie Sex' ad. The viewer watches as a male directs mostly naked women to stand before the camera and show their bodies from the front, side and finally turn in a full 360 degrees. Then we hear a man say, 'Why don't you pick a vegetable and show us how much you love it.'

Seeing that PETA is an organization whose mission is supposedly compassionate towards other living things, it boggles our minds that they continue to take the trashy, degrading marketing route that they do. Seeing an actual recording of ordinary women being used and played with for the male gaze and enjoyment is really upsetting. But by an animal rights organization???

Without further adieu, you may view the new video here. PLEASE watch at your own discretion for the content is graphic in nature.


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We often talk about the importance of media literacy and paying attention to the messages we're fed daily. It's tough enough combating unabashedly offensive, in-your-face advertising, but what happens when the news we get is misrepresented and tainted with underlying 'isms'?


[Source: 1.26.11]

Here's why we're asking...

We probably had similar reactions... This looks like it's probably going to be a story tying kids' food choices and ability to abstain from indulging in 'bad foods' to their potential as adults later in life. Right?


The actual story is about a study linking a child's self-control (unrelated to food) and conscientiousness to their potential for leading a more successful life free of prison, drugs and unplanned children. Well, thanks to, that got lost in translation.

In fact, not only did the actual point of the study get lost in a huge game of 'Media Telephone,' but now the story is being portrayed in a way that subliminally suggests (in both image and word) that depriving oneself of 'junk food' (in order to attain a specific size or status?) will lead to a better, wealthier life. Taken another step further, does this NOT also bring up issues of socioeconomic status? What foods are made affordable and available to whom...? What about issues of sexism (women expected to be 'good' and stereotypically beautiful/thin)? What about an underlying issue of race? If we don't ask these questions, how else will society begin to realize just how intricately sizism, sexism and racism are still woven into our culture?

Just because a news source has taken one statement, put it at the top of a page and published it in a size 20, bold face font, does not make it true -- nor does it make it right.

HuffPost #Fail? Uh, yeah.

To read the original article, go here.


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A variety of professionals spoke on Hollywood NOW's Love Your Body Day Panel discussion including our very own President and Founder, Brianne Widaman. Listen as this great panel discusses loving your body and finding your way to loving your authentic self.



Want to meet us? We will be represented on another panel tonight in Santa Monica and hope to see many of you there!

Here are the details!

Young Feminists Speak Out: Los Angeles


Thursday, January 20, 2011 @ 6:30PM (Networking and mixer to follow)


Livity Outernational @ 2401 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica CA


Myra Duran – Young Feminist Organizer, graduated from the UCLA with a B.A. in Women’s Studies with a concentration in  women of color feminism and a minor in Labor and Workplace Studies. She  began her journey fighting for women’s rights as an intern for AF3IRM.  She continued to pursue women’s issues and empowerment when she became a campus team intern for the Feminist Majority Foundation. The beginning  seed for activism had been planted there and later developed into a  heavy love for exposing the truth where she spearheaded FMF’s Campaign  to Expose Fake Clinics at UCLA with Bruin Feminists for Equality.  Serving on the Bruin Feminists’ executive board helped her increase  campus and student awareness on women’s rights, women’s issues, and  women’s empowerment. Most recently, Myra worked as a research organizer for the UCLA Labor Center’s California  Construction Academy and served on the Young Women’s Leadership Council  for the Pro-choice Public Education Project. She currently works as a  National Campus Organizer for the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Tani Ikeda – Director and Filmmaker with  ImMEDIATE Justice , is an award winning director who creates narratives, documentaries, music videos, and commercial projects. She is the Co-founder and director of  imMEDIAte Justice, a program that trains young women in media literacy  and sexuality education, and was named one of the 25 visionaries of 2010 by the Utne Reader.

Jollene Levid – is the National Chairperson of  Af3irm the Association of Filipinas, Feminists, Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization. AF3IRM a transnational feminist, anti-imperialist women’s organization with chapters in NY, NJ, Boston, the Bay Area, San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, and LA. AF3IRM, formerly known as Gabriela Network, has been active for 21 years and its 3 campaign areas include Immigrant Rights, the fight against US imperialist wars, and the Purple Rose Campaign against the trafficking of women and children.

Morgane Richardson – Professional feminist,social media firm and Founder of Refuse The Silence: Women of Color Speak Out. Her reflections on women, race  and education have been published in numerous blogs and magazines including, Bitch, Feministing, University of Venus and More Magazine. Aside from earning a degree with an all-too lengthy title Morgane spent her time at Middlebury College shaking up the status quo and demanding respect for her peers’ rights.  After graduation Morgane put her experience as a campus organizer, Posse Scholar, and her innate awesomeness, to use toward a career as a professional Feminist.  In 2008 she founded Refuse The Silence, an initiative that encourages women of color who are currently enrolled in or have attended elite liberal arts colleges in the United States to share their stories. In 2009 she co-founded a successful social media  firm, Mixtape Media, which works on pro-social campaigns for clients like Russell Simmons  and the United Nations.  And in 2010 she has taken on a new role as  Workshop Genius, traveling the country working with students and  administrators to reconcile the existing hegemony within elite academia  with the desire for diverse campuses.

Morgane is fourth wave antiracist feminist – approaching her generation’s  inherited economic, environmental, and social issues with an innovative  flair, a progressive mindset, and a practical implementation.

Brianne ‘Brie’ Widaman (a.k.a. ‘Brie’) – President and Founder, Revolution of Real Women™, a global movement advocating the empowerment of females in reclaiming their freedom of individuality, self-esteem and unique beauty. RRW™ was created out of Brianne’s diverse background in a broad range of areas from politics and broadcast journalism to her experiences in acting, modeling and working in the music industry. Since graduating from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston with her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business and Management, her work has taken her to Nashville, Las Vegas and finally back to LA where she grew up. As a survivor of her battle with anorexia and bulimia, she now serves as a leading public advocate for those who suffer from eating disorders, self-esteem and body-image related issues. Today, REVOLUTION OF REAL WOMEN™ has grown to over 20,000 members across the web and serves as a sound voice of reason within the image-making machine that is ‘Hollywood.’ RRW™has truly come to embody its slogan – ‘Be the MEDIA you wish to see in the world.™’


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Well... Let's start with the title - 'Mia, Living Doll.' Uh....?

One great big post on little girls and pageants has been a LONG time coming, and this was a reminder of just how much we need to do it. Watch as this little girl's pageant coach/Mom 'helps' her daughter on stage. This video left us speechless. With every passing second, it just got worse (and worse...).

'Mia Grande' at the 'Darling Divas Pageant'

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