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If ever we’ve seen a confident kid, it’s Willow Smith (yes, daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett). She exudes a feeling of empowerment, joy and solid uniqueness, shrugging off what other people might think of her hair style, her outfits or her music. Her bold style gets her attention, adoration and respect, all the while staying away from sexualizing her image and her childhood.

You might think, how could they sexualize her image? She’s only 9 years old! Well, when you compare it to the kind of media out there these days, and look at other young girls around the same age as Willow, *ahem* [....Miley Cyrus' little sister, Noah Cyrus....] you might see why we admire the way that Willow carries herself and how she’s obviously receiving some solid parenting and guidance at home.

Needless to say, we can’t get enough of Willow.

Recently, there’s been a huge amount of buzz surrounding her new single, ‘Whip My Hair.’ Not that we needed confirmation, but we’re thinking the family has some serious talent running through their veins, because this kid rocks. What’s indescribably refreshing is that the video isn’t sexualized. It’s not promiscuous. It’s not sexy. It’s just a kid being a kid…

And there’s one more thing not to be missed… Contained in the video for ‘Whip My Hair’ are lessons on race, self-esteem and girl empowerment.

HUGE KUDOS to Willow for her insightful, empowering song and video. We need more media out there like this.

Some wise words from Janell Hobson’s MsMagazine.com piece:

I get a real kick out of seeing this young artist demonstrating riotous “Black Grrl Power” as she walks into a drab, white classroom (let’s not miss the racial metaphors there) sporting some rainbow-colored
fashion and, my favorite part, dipping the ends of her long braids into pots of paint and letting loose. Her braided extensions serve as paintbrushes that disrupt and literally “color” the learning environment.
Where did this young girl learn such boldness? Where can I sign up?’

If our girls can take the lead from Smith and Sesame Street and proclaim “comfort in their own skins” and love for themselves–especially their hair–they have already won half the battle. May they
transition into womanhood with the same confidence.’

Alright, that’s enough talkin’…

Here’s the video… :)


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